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Historic St. Augustine- You can live here, too!

America’s Oldest City is home to a thriving business core of locally owned restaurants, coffee shops and even a new craft donut shop (Thank you, thank you, thank you!), living history museums, art galleries and fun little shops filled with surprises, but it’s also home in the true sense of the word. St. Augustine’s historic core is a great place to live, especially if you’re looking for welcoming neighbors, stunning waterfront vistas, centuries-old church towers glowing in the night sky, and tree-lined brick streets and distinctive architecture! We should warn you, though: living in downtown St. Augustine means you’ll be the envy of your friends!

St. Augustine has five official “HP (Historic Preservation) Districts” in and around the city center. Each HP District has its own feel, with buildings reflecting the predominant uses in each area. One HP District will have more of an urban mixed-use feel, friendly Victorian B&B’s might dot the landscape in another, while others will be made up almost exclusively of grand old mansions and cute as a button bungalows where generations of families continue to make memories in their lovely homes. While all of the HP Districts are highly desirable places to live, St. Augustine has implemented restrictions on uses and any changes to the exteriors of structures to ensure that the neighborhoods remain historically accurate and appealing.

If you’re interested in a home in or near St. Augustine’s historic core, it’s imperative that you work with someone who knows the HP Guidelines for each of the five HP Districts. If not, you could be in for a very big and costly surprise after you’ve purchased your dream home.  At 97Park, we are experts in understanding the very specific set of criteria governing each of the HP Districts and will make sure you’re able to enjoy the historic home you’ve fallen in love with- or use the property for your work and home use while still abiding by the HP Guidelines. We have great relationships with the general contractors and the architects who specialize in working on historic properties within the HP Districts. In fact, 97Park’s offices are located in an HP District in the heart of historic St. Augustine!

Give 97Park a call today and let us show you why Karen Zander was voted “Best Real Estate Broker” in the 2017 Best of St. Augustine poll and why 97Park was voted runner-up in the “Best Real Estate Agency category. We’ll find you the perfect place within walking distance to St. Augustine’s bayfront, shops, museums and restaurants, and we’ll make sure you’ll have no surprises after your purchase. We’re here to help!

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